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Puzzle Hunts :: The Cryptographic Case of the Missing Arm

This puzzle challenge will test your ability to decrypt secret messages using a variety of different methods. Many of the techniques are described in our Codes and Ciphers section, but it will be up to you to discover which method to use in which circumstances.

Total Levels: 10
Levels you solved: 0
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Level 1

You wake up one morning to find that your left arm is missing! Thinking that you just misplaced it, you get out of bed and start looking around in the usual places. It's not under the bed or in the closet. You open the dirty laundry hamper. Not in there either.

Now you're starting to get a little worried. "Where could I have placed that arm?" As you wander into the bathroom, you notice a note taped to the mirror. It reads:

Due to a failure to pay your overdue book fine at the library we have taken your arm as temporary payment. If you want your arm back, you must solve these clues, return the book that you checked out, and pay the overdue fine.

If you accept these terms, shift the following cipher text by the number of sisters that he had.

Vjku ku qpg qh vjg oquv ukornkuvke ekrjgtu. Kv yknn igv oqtg fkhhkewnv htqo jgtg qp qwv. Vq igv vq vjg pgzv ngxgn, varg vjg ekva kp yjkej jg ycu dqtp.

Signed, The Librarian

Luckily, the book that you hadn't returned yet was called, "The Complete Book of Ciphers and Codes", so you had a good reference.



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