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Rock Band

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Puzzle ID:#24282
Fun:*** (2.86)
Difficulty:** (1.65)
Submitted By:Punk_RockerAus***




There were four boys; Alex, Tyler, Pete, and Kyle; they all decided to start a rock band. Although they are unnamed, they already have some songs written. Each member plays a different instrument, has a different job in the band, and has a different favorite band. Can you figure it out?

Boys: Alex, Tyler, Pete, Kyle

Instruments: Lead Guitar (L. Guitar), Rhythm Guitar (R. Guitar), Bass Guitar, Drums

Jobs: Lead Vocals (L. Vocals), Backup Vocals (B. Vocals), Writing Lyrics, Writing Tunes

Favorite Bands: Green Day, All American Rejects (AAR), System of a Down (SOAD), Metallica

Now on to the clues...

1) Alex hates System of a Down.
2) Kyle plays guitar, but not bass.
3) One of the two whose job is to sing loves Metallica.
4) The drummer always found it too hard to sing while playing his instrument.
5) Pete always wrote the best lyrics, but never could come up with a tune.
6) The lead vocalist, who is also the bassist, loves the All American Rejects.
7) Tyler sometimes spends hours in his room, playing his guitar, trying to figure out a tune to go with Pete's lyrics.
8) The lead guitarist loves Green Day.

With those clues, can you figure out who plays what instrument, what job they have, and what their favorite band is? Good luck!

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Jul 05, 2005

The very minimal clues on this one made it fun. Nice one!
Jul 05, 2005

Nice teaser...good, and hard....LOL just enough info to make it solvable
Jul 05, 2005

i usually feel really stupid when it comes to these things, but i loved this one because i didn't have to pull my hair out, but @ the same time, it wasn't SOO incredibly ez! Kudos!
Jul 05, 2005

Good on ya...
Jul 06, 2005

Loved it!!! Hacen't done one of these for years, keep em coming
Jul 06, 2005

Its not hard and its just like something from school, It made me feel smart because I actually got it!
Jul 07, 2005

whats wrong with alex ? soad rulz
Jul 17, 2005

This is my first teaser to get accepted, so thanks guys! I know, SOAD is awesome..I don't know what's wrong with Alex lol
Aug 01, 2005

Good job!
Aug 01, 2005

Nice one.. simple but you still had to pause to think
Dec 08, 2005

Yeah Rock n Roll
Oct 26, 2006

WooT! Wahst wrong with SOAD? Lol. Im gonna start band! PWNsome teaser, we did these in GATE in school, 3-5th grade. We called them Matrixes, funfun, been dying to do one again.
Apr 26, 2008

good but not as good as feel the romance
Jun 13, 2013

Easy but FUN! |m|
Jul 06, 2014

Green Day is the BEST! also, this was a fun teaser and well written

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