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Music Maestro Please

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#34168
Fun:*** (2.97)
Difficulty:*** (2.13)
Submitted By:jazzmusician46Aau*****




Below are anagrams of some musical instruments popular in a particular style of music. Your task is to discover what these instruments are and the style of music. I have placed the number of letters in brackets if there are two words. Good luck.

Term put
Clear tin
Bent room
Air tug
O! A pin
A U.S. bobsled (6, 4)
A drab show

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Dec 01, 2006

Another good one Jazz! Keep them coming!
Dec 01, 2006

Another good one Jazz! Keep them coming!
Dec 01, 2006

Good one. Always like the anagrams...
Dec 01, 2006

It a really cool teaser, but what does the (6,4) mean?
Dec 02, 2006

Thanks guys

Blondie: (6, 4) are the amount of letters in the word. In this case, 'double bass'.
Dec 04, 2006

Good as usual Jazz! I got all but the last two without much trouble, but Double Bass and Washboard had me a bit stumped.
May 10, 2007

Nice Musical one!!!
Sep 05, 2007

i love music, so i loved this teaser
Mar 02, 2008

good one, tough, but good. you do realize that your screen name is a big hint
Mar 02, 2008

Good teaser.5&6 made me think .
Mar 02, 2008

Excellent teaser! Thanks for posting, Jazz. I didn't get the last one ... came up with "shadow bar" whatever that is. I only relate a washboard to mountain music.
Mar 02, 2008

Really really god and fun teaser. Thanks for posting Jazz. Once again you have outdone yourself.
Mar 02, 2008

knew it was jazz, hadn't thought of traditional!!
Mar 02, 2008

Washboard?? Way too good for me, Jazz..and really worked on double bass. Bass was right there but had to really work for double. Great as always
Mar 02, 2008

Loved this one, Jazz. The double bass got me, but the rest were a piece of cake. Thanks .
Mar 02, 2008

Easy words, I wasn't sure if it was jazz because of the washboard. Good teaser
Mar 02, 2008

Really fun teaser, Jazz. First five came quickly, but I didn't get the last two. I agree with sweet potato, washboard makes me think of mountain music. Thanks
Mar 02, 2008

I got everything but the double bass. Good one! Thanks!
Mar 03, 2008

I also got them all but the last two. I would have never gotten washboard. I was thinking classical or a band music. Thanks for the great teaser. It was fun and brain teasingly good.

Mar 03, 2008

Thanks guys I appreciate that.
Mar 03, 2008

yes another great job jazz... washboard had me stumped for a long while ... i got the overall answer before i got that one ... which BTW i thought was big band jazz... all the same another excellent teaser
Mar 08, 2011

Good one, Jazz. Thanks!
I got them all, but the last two took a bit longer to figure out!
Mar 08, 2011

The Teaser was ok.
Mar 09, 2014

Missed "double bass" but got the rest with ease. Fun.
Mar 10, 2014

Got them all easily except the last two. I don't think washboard is actually and instrument. I use one in my laundry room and can rub up and town on it for effect only.
Mar 09, 2017

That was fun! I didn't get the last two though, I thought the second to last was a type of Oboe!
Mar 10, 2017

The washboard, or rub-board, is more associated with Zydecko than with traditional jazz Otherwise a fun, of somewhat easy, teaser.

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