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Book Before a Sentence

Trick brain teasers appear difficult at first, but they have a trick that makes them really easy.


Puzzle ID:#38453
Fun:*** (2.92)
Difficulty:** (1.78)
Submitted By:rp3000gt*
Corrected By:irar1792




Where can you finish reading several books before you finish even one sentence?

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Sep 25, 2007

ehe nice word trick...
Sep 25, 2007

very good teaser, loved it and didn't get it
Sep 27, 2007

That's a good one!
Sep 27, 2007

very clever!
Sep 30, 2007

Nice tricky teaser! I thought the answer was the teaser since you read the words "several books" before you reached the end of the sentence.
Oct 01, 2007

I thought the same as 4demo...
Oct 06, 2007

veeeeeeeeery clever
Oct 08, 2007

I did not guess it either...very clever indeed !!!!
Nov 09, 2007

Nice one I thought in a dictionary - "book", "novel", etc come before "sentence" but the given answer is much more clever
Nov 09, 2007

i thought it was the teaser as well but i lved your answer!
Nov 09, 2007

I thought is was match books Good teaser!
Nov 09, 2007

Got it immediately. Funny how sometimes the right answer just hits you and you think of course, how easy. Good teaser.
Nov 09, 2007

That was funny! Totally wasn't expecting to see that answer. Good one!
Nov 09, 2007

Nov 09, 2007

My response was nursery school. You read lots of books with single words on a page. No sentences. So you can read several books and not complete a sentence.
Nov 09, 2007

Wow!! That was A good one. I was suprised by the answer but it sure is true and I hope to never find out that way. lol
Nov 09, 2007

Easy but I love it!
Nov 09, 2007

Ha. Ha.
Nov 09, 2007

I liked that one!
Nov 09, 2007

Like Brandon, I read the question and knew the answer. Great fun to feel 'quick' occasionally. Good one
Nov 09, 2007

loved it. it was not easy to me, i had to look at the answer.
Nov 09, 2007

That was a nice one. answer just randomly clicked in my head XD
Nov 09, 2007

This is the first Teaser that was easy for me. Got it right away from
the clue Sentence. I said Jail, same thing.

Thanx Rose
Nov 09, 2007

good one!
Nov 09, 2007

A-a-a-w-w ... Gro-o-oan! Like "Leftclick," I came up with dictionary ... you can read all the words in a given book, but not in the right order; ergo, you haven't read a complete sentence before finishing the book (maybe). That is a clever Teaser, thanks.
Nov 09, 2007

I also thought that the answer was the teaser, because before you are done with the sentence, you wil finish reading the words "several books".
I liked the real answere though, it was clever. I never would have thought of that.
Nov 09, 2007

gooooooood one =D very clever. hit myself in the head when i read the answer though
Nov 09, 2007

Clever and cute--I like it!!!
Nov 09, 2007

HAHAHA!!!... i've been in prison and didnt get the answer to that one... real good
Nov 09, 2007

These are the type of teasers that I know whatever logical answer I come up with will be wrong! ! Good teaser.
Nov 10, 2007

Sorry this one I knew before I finished reading the sentence, not that I have any experience with the prison system other than as a guard in the sheriff's office. But I do remember the prisoners asking for new books. Nice job though.
Nov 10, 2007

I thought it was the Bible. They have many books you can read the title of without reading one sentence. It was fun any way. I enjoyed it. Please keep posting.\

Nov 11, 2007

Yeah I got the "word 'several books'(in the teaser answer" along with many others, apparently. The really dumb thing though, is that I had come across this teaser a while ago while browsing, and got the same answer I got this time, and so I knew it was wrong.
Nov 15, 2007

That is a cute teaser... good job.
Nov 15, 2007

I thought it was the teaser it self
Nov 27, 2007

Teeheehee!! I loved this one, partly because it was silly and partly because it was easy. A good pick-me-up first thing in the m- uh, afternoon.
Dec 09, 2007

Haha!!! Great one!!! I didn't get it... But this is definitely a fantastic teaser! Good job!!
Dec 17, 2007

i thought it was the sentence itself too.
Dec 24, 2007

Yep I thought it was the teaser sentence as well!
Jan 16, 2008

I thought this teaser too
Feb 07, 2008

The answer could also be You are reading an all picture book
Feb 18, 2008

Clever teaser!
Feb 18, 2008

Wow am I dumb XD Awesome trick!
Feb 20, 2008

Clever 1!!!!!!!!
Mar 21, 2008

Well done. I fell for it.
Aug 30, 2008

Very Clever, one of the best i've looked at, good job!
Dec 04, 2008

Haha!! I guessed an airplane going through a time zone change.. loved the real answer, though.
Dec 30, 2008 suprised no one else thought of this b4 me. i thought it was a couple of picture books i figured tht had to be the answr, but thn i read it & i was wrng.... oh well, loved tht answr too! great teaser
Dec 30, 2008 seems some1 did thnk of it b4 me. lol at times, i can be very unobservant. reminds me of sum1....hmm, can u give me a clue EDWARD? lol =) thrs a good teaser 4 all u twilight lovers!! ha
May 16, 2009

Haha! Nice!
Sep 06, 2009

I thought this teaser.

When you read the question, you read the words 'several books' before you finish reading the question.

Nice teaser though
Sep 18, 2009

This one got me.. Nice one.
Sep 30, 2009

I thought it was anywhere really, if they were picture books, you have no problem with sentences. But nice play on words
Feb 02, 2010

Haha! Neve' woul' o' though' o' i'! I los' a too' on' o' ma' 'olrs.
Feb 10, 2010

Good teaser! The only problem is that some (or most) prisons don't allow too many books.
Nov 09, 2010

Great teaser, I didn't get it myself.
Nov 09, 2010

I thought library, because you aren't supposed to talk.
Nov 09, 2010

My first thought was the teaser as well, since you have to read the words "several books" before finishing the sentence!
Nov 09, 2010

thought it was match books
Nov 09, 2010

very good. i was afraid it was going to be something dumb, but i liked this one
Nov 09, 2010

Very good one! Beauty of this teaser is it's both logic and trick as it tricked me in the meaning of the word 'sentence'.

I was thinking either library where u can read several books in catalogue, or this teaser itself where words 'several books' comes before the end of the sentence.
Nov 09, 2010

Good one.
Nov 19, 2011

i agree with 4demo
Jan 09, 2012

I forgot it was a trick teaser! I thought it was "anywhere" cos u can read books anywhere without -saying- anything
May 22, 2012

I got this right, and couldn't figure out the trick. LOL
Jan 21, 2013

Soooooo easy! But fun!
Nov 09, 2013

Heard this various times over the years.
Nov 09, 2013

I was so pleased that I went back to re-read the title-that's what 'gave' it to me!
Nov 09, 2013

I don't normally check the category but for some reason, did so today, so I was prepared for there to be a trick to it. I guessed "the dictionary" since book, comic, hardcover, manual, novel, novella, paperback, primer, and reader (to name but a few) all come before sentence alphabetically and therefore would be read before you finish sentence
Nov 09, 2013

I like this one a lot, very clever Only thing I don't get is how it is rated at nearly-average difficulty... I thought it was very easy.
May 10, 2016

its prison
May 10, 2016

its prison
Nov 10, 2016

I must not be too sleepy tonight as I got this one right away. When the title said "trick" I figured the word "sentence" was the only clue and it popped right up to me. Yaay , fun!!
Nov 10, 2016

Another possible answer, considering that this is said to be a "trick question", is nn the sentence, "Where can you finish reading several books before you finish even one sentence?" Before you reach the end of the sentence/question, you have finihed reading the phrase "several books".
Nov 10, 2016

This teaser had THIRTY-SEVEN comments when it was introduced in 2007.

Current new teasers rarely get more than 2-3 - and most often get NOTHING.

Does nobody other than myself care about this trend?

Braingle is dying.

I suggest it's time for a RADICAL (but friendly) change in Braingle.

How about getting rid of the "editor" (actually they don't do any "editing") system altogether.

Let the viewership (Braingle members in good standing) "vote" on all new teasers.

It would be easy to do.

If you are interested in joining us (the BunnyBunch) in such a petition to Braingle, send me a PM.

Thanks for reading this.


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