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Below The Shining Moon

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#38588
Fun:*** (3.08)
Difficulty:** (1.71)
Submitted By:grilledcheese*




Down below the shining moon
Around the trees, a sacred gloom
Running with the midnight sky
Knowing the thing that makes you cry
Night is full with my essence
Eternal light betrays my presence
Soaring through my endless task
Shadows are my faithful mask

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Oct 02, 2007

Very NICE teaser! Like the poem; it's well written!
Oct 02, 2007

I didn't notice the acrosticness ><

][ :O

Oct 02, 2007

I'll have to agree with zig the pig
Oct 02, 2007

I'll have to agree with zig the pig
Oct 05, 2007

Wow thats really good ^^ I liked it a lot
Oct 05, 2007

Great Riddle!!
Oct 06, 2007

Nice rhyming!
Oct 08, 2007

i never saw the acroynm!! Smart poertry!!!
Oct 08, 2007

well worded and beautifully written!
Oct 08, 2007

Aw c'mon ! "acrosticness" ????
As in scrabble, I'll have to challenge that....
Mr. GAus*
Oct 10, 2007

Good show!
Oct 12, 2007

Very nice. I didn't even notice the acronym, a tribute to the writing being smooth.
Nov 03, 2007

very nice indeed,i got it very quickly a thought and a ponder my mind didnt wander ..
Nov 03, 2007

Very nice! I didn't see the acronym, either
Nov 03, 2007

Great poem, very well written!
Nov 03, 2007

Great Teaser but very easy.
For me anyway.
I read the first 2 lines and decided to look at the 1st letters in each sentence.
And from there.....
Nov 03, 2007

Also nice poem. I can never write any good poems.
Nov 03, 2007

Awesome Grilled Cheese!! You write beautifully!
Nov 03, 2007

Very nice. I didn't get it right, but I really liked the poem. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
Nov 03, 2007

Beautiful poetry. Another great riddle Grilledcheese
Nov 03, 2007

I gotta go with WildcardAl
I have never heard of acrosticness

Anyhow I guessed darkness 1st,
the moonlight shadows. Did not
see the letters going down to spell
it. The essence of the poen captured the mood, I got it from
Nov 03, 2007

ARGH#%*@ Once again I've been acrost!! Great job
Nov 03, 2007

Nice job
Nov 03, 2007

Nice poem!
Nov 03, 2007

Honey, it went right over my head. Zoom. After I saw the answer I wanted to hit myself. That was a great teaser. Thanks so much for posting. I love these things.

Nov 03, 2007

Very nice, clever. I studied it hard but couldn't solve it. Thanks, do it again.

For WildCardAl: I didn't notice the acrosticism either. Ha!
Nov 03, 2007

That was a great one! ...Made doubly great (for me) by the fact that I got it right! Great job!
Nov 03, 2007

Good one! Didn't get it--and I love acrostics!

Folks, please stop mis-using 'acronym'.
Examples of acronyms are AIDS, NATO, and SCUBA i.e. the initials of what it stands for form a pronounceable word.

Hope no-one is offended by this piece of instruction; I'm a teacher seven days a week, so it's hard to get away from that mindset!

Again, the riddle was lovely!
Nov 03, 2007

That was Awesome, I put that in my favorites....excellent job!!!
(user deleted)
Nov 03, 2007

That's pretty cool! I don't know what acrost means, though, so I'll have to look it up.
Nov 04, 2007

THAT was REALLY good! Totally didn't think about that. Funny how some things are right there--- under our noses.
Nov 06, 2007

good one cheese... i got it rite away and noticed the acrostics... you have a way with words that cant be explained... keep 'em coming
Nov 07, 2007

I was so smug and thought I had it right off with "fog". And all the time the right answer was staring me right in the face!!!
Nov 11, 2007

Excelent. Writing Teasers is an art, and this one is very good art. My first guess was the clouds.
If you never get money for your teasers, you may want to write a poems books
Nov 14, 2007

Wow... a some people must have taken this from you... if you do a google search of it, there's some sites with this same riddle. I'm sorry that people stole this from you.
Nov 14, 2007

Too bad 'cause i wrote this one. So i would appreciate it if you stop posting the same bad comment on my teasers. thank you.
Nov 14, 2007

Actually, I was sticking up for you... I don't see a reason why people steal your teasers and put them on their own site.
Jul 11, 2008

wow... i wasnt even close xD
Nov 03, 2010

Really well written, a little jewel.
I never noticed the initial letters, but got it anyway. Great job.
Nov 03, 2010

Stumped me, missed the answer in fornt of me. Good teaser!
Nov 03, 2010

Very well-written! Thanks for posting!
Nov 03, 2010

Knowing the thing that makes you cry
Night is full with my essence

After that, I thought I KNEW it was "dreams"
And I guessed early
Nov 03, 2013

Why does darkness make you cry??? Nice poem though and I am a poet myself.
Nov 03, 2013

It's beautiful poetry, but not much of a riddle. Very obvious, even without the acrostic..
Nov 04, 2016

Very cleverly written! And, Wordmama, back in 2007 you correctly those who kept referring to this as an acronym. I especially appreciate seeing a correction to something in the English language when you notice a mistake. People shouldn't be offended by being corrected. Thanks for doing this! And, thanks grilledcheese for posting this!
Nov 04, 2016

in above comment, "correctly" should be "corrected".

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