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Posts: 3395

new Posted: 01:00PM Sep 4, 2008

This forum is here to help you with any questions that you may have about Braingle.

Subject Prefix
If your question is directed at a particular group of people, please indicate this in your subject. This makes it easier for that group to find your question and answer it quickly. Here are some examples:

"ED: Which category should I submit my brain teaser to?"
"MOD: How do I use my watchlist?"
"QM: Is this a good quiz?"
"Sports QM: Can I make a sports quiz about soccer?"

Answering Questions
Even if you think you know the answer to a question, please allow the Quizmasters, Editors or Moderators to answer the questions with their official answers.


---This message was edited on 04:34PM Sep 5, 2008---

Have you visited Braingle lately?
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Magical Sorceress Frog
Posts: 9517

new Posted: 10:08AM Feb 25, 2014

I wanted to point out the post made by Jake above and the portion which applies to posting in this forum.

As stated under Answering Questions, please do not answer the questions posted here as this forum is only for people asking a question or for the Editors, Quizmasters, or Moderators to answer.

Also, please remember to address who your question is addressed to: an Editor, a Quizmaster, or a Moderator in your title.

Note, any posts that are not specifically asking a question will be deleted to avoid possible incorrect answers or conversations taking place within this forum which are not between a member with a question and the Editors, Quizmasters, or Moderators posting to address the question and to offer assistance.

Thank you.

SMILE and people will wonder what you are up to!
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