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Magical Sorceress Frog
Posts: 9517

new Posted: 02:32AM May 23, 2006

We are sorry, but the Editing Staff will no longer be making the requested changes/corrections to those teasers which are in the Editing queue. This change is due in part to the fact that, some Editors have already reviewed and made their decision on these teasers based on the original submissions when the request for changes/corrections are made. These requested modifications to a teaser while it is in the Editing queue would require the Editors to re-review teasers. If your teaser is rejected, any errors can be corrected and your teaser can be resubmitted. This policy was recommended and approved by the site owner, Jake, and agreed to by all current active editors due to the volume of requests for changes/corrections to teasers in the Editing queue.

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Posts: 3395

new Posted: 11:59AM May 23, 2006

I just wanted to add that there is nothing bad that happens from getting a teaser rejected, so dont feel bad. Its nothing personal. Every editor has had numerous teasers of their own rejected and they dont feel bad about it.

When you submit a teaser, it should be in its final state, read for the website. All spelling and grammar mistakes should already be found and fixed. I think many people have been expecting the editors to fix this stuff and this was causing a lot of unnecessary work for the editors. From now on, if you have lots of mistakes in your teaser it will be returned to you for correcting.

I hope everyone understands that this will make the submission and review process more streamlined and better for everyone involved.


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