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PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING - Ask a Quizmaster Questions


Posts: 16362

new Posted: 11:00AM Jun 24, 2007

This forum can be used to ask quizmasters about your pending quizzes or to clarify any doubts you have in the comments that were returned to you. You can open a topic to discuss this with the QM(s) of whichever category you submitted quizzes into.

However, please do not post questions asking how long your quiz will take to leave the queue. The quiz queue at present does not have a fixed time like the teaser queue and the workings of this queue are completely different. Kindly be patient and rest assured that our team of Quizmasters are working as hard as possible to get your quiz out at the earliest.

Some things you can do to help us quickly review your quiz:

1. Proofread it or get it proofread by someone elder to you or use the Braingle Proofreading tool where other Brainglers proofread your quiz for you.

2. Include accurate references wherever possible. Including just the link to a home page of a complicated website does not help at all. If you have used a book or any non-internet source of information, be sure to include this in your comments to the quizmasters.

3. Read the reviews you receive carefully and do not be in a hurry to resubmit. It takes a lot of effort to review a quiz and we're doing this to help you get your quiz in, so co-operating and trying to understand the quizmaster's observations will be really helpful for you.

4. Read the quizmaking guidelines from time to time, as new guidelines are being added frequently.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions! Let's work together to make this section of Braingle an absolute success!

The tools of the mind can be wrongly used, but the mind possesses no wrong tools.
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