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What is Karma?

Karma is a reflection upon how well you act in the Braingle community. When you perform a positive action such as getting a teaser approved you will get a little positive karma . If you perform a negative action such as swearing in the chatrooms you will get a little negative karma . Every time you do something on Braingle it will be calculated into your karma value.

The icons adjacent to your name show everyone your accumulated karma value. This can help you find friendly and helpful friends.

Additionally, users with too much bad karma will have their account restricted so they can no longer harm our community.

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How do points and awards work?

Registered users earn points for submitting, voting and improving brain teasers and quizzes.

50Submitting a Brain Teaser that is approved
50Submitting a Quiz that is approved
1Taking a Quiz and rating it
1Trying a Brain Teaser and rating it.
1Taking a Photo Identification Quiz.
1Taking an Art Identification Quiz.
1Rating or Reviewing a game in the Game Directory.
1Helping with Braingle's Maintenance Tasks
1Voting on definitions in our dictionary
Your IQTaking our IQ Test

When you reach 500 points, you will unlock extra abilities which were previously not available to you. You can then earn additional points by helping to improve the website via the following actions:

50Correctly reporting two Brain Teasers that are duplicates
5Correcting a Brain Teaser that has problems
5Correcting a Quiz that has problems
1Reviewing an unapproved Brain Teaser

You do not get points for correcting your own teasers or quizzes.

Users who demonstrate excellent leadership skills may be promoted to be an editor. An editor is allowed to help review submitted teasers, and verify duplicates and corrections. Editors get 2 points for each teaser they edit and 1 point for each duplicate or correction that they verify.

Any user who meets the eligibility requirements may run in an election and become a quizmaster. Quizmasters are allowed to review submitted quizzes. Quizmasters earn 2 points for each quiz that they review.

You can also get awards that appear next to your name once you have achieved certain goals.

For a list of all awards, please visit our Awards Page

Your vote has been counted.

What are the points used for?

Mostly, the more points you have, the higher your name appears on the rankings. In addition, as you earn more points you will have access to more features of the website.

When you reach 500 points, you will be able to help us improve the site by reporting duplicates, making corrections to existing teasers and reviewing unapproved brain teasers that are still in the queue to be edited. You will earn extra points for helping us with all these tasks.

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How do I earn points?

Points are earned for submitting and voting on brain teasers or quizzes. Once you have earned enough points to have access to the advanced features, you can also earn points by reporting duplicates, making corrections on teasers or quizzes, and reviewing teasers. Editors also earn points for editing teasers, and Quizmasters for reviewing quizzes.

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Why did my score go down?

From time to time, your points are recalculated; and as a result, you may lose a few points. The main reason that points are subtracted are because a teaser was found to be a duplicate and was deleted. When a teaser is deleted, all points associated with that teaser are reversed.

Additionally, users who do not sign into the website for a very long time have points slowly taken away.

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Which games count towards the game medal icon?

Users who have played at least 500 games get a little medal next to their name. If you play more games, you can earn better medals .

The following games count towards the medal:

Who's the Boss
Hang Glider
Pirate's Booty
Word Search
Code Breaker
Math Path
Food Fight
Caption Game

The following games do NOT count towards the medal:

Sliding Tile
Cookie World
Click The Button
Zoo Keeper

The specific requirements for what you have to do in each game in order for your counter to increase are a secret.

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