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I was up for a part in the movie "Signs" but they decided tin foil was the way to go.

Submitted by Tassey25
Space aliens employs mind-control helmet devices. Cats seem to respond positively to this action. The two-legged lifeforms are next.

Submitted by rlc327
Scientists have made a new type of lime that tastes and looks like a cat!

Submitted by labbie
puss in froots!!!

Submitted by
The NFL's is trying to reduce concussions with this fruit liner but will be using watermelon instead of lime which is more compatible with players.

Submitted by KRATORN
....Lady Gaga?

Submitted by Siren_Angelique
Bow down to Mr. Whiskers. No one can resist me. Those who try will become litter box cleaners for life. My citrusy hat of amazement ensures it.

Submitted by geninkitty
The world must be upside down if you are trying to give me an impression of a football helmet.

Submitted by Nolsterbuckr

Submitted by dawnrising
Hmmmm. Where did the rest of that fruit go? If it's in the bin, what a waste of food. To think of what is going on in other parts of the world...

Submitted by ultimatecub
Looks like someone got their hair done at Super Cuts again!

Submitted by schlauberger714
Gimme a squeeze!

Submitted by kcgold
"You're laughing now, but I look damn good and it took you hours to trim this fruit hat down to size for me, now who's the master and who's the pet?"

Submitted by XtinaF
Ares, Warrior of Greece, prepares for battle.

Submitted by bubbubfilt
Monday night Football: The PO'd Melonheadcats VS the I'm going to scratch the crap out of your leg for making me wear this

Submitted by godsgurl90210

Submitted by canse912
I don't care if Star Wars XX was brought in way under budget, that's a crappy Yoda!!

Submitted by zonahobo
Is this shot absolutely necessary??

Submitted by TOONGIRL
Do I look like a Power Ranger yet?

Submitted by Knightingale
In the year 2380, Earth will be ruled by talking kittens with futuristic hair-dos

Submitted by keneo
I think everyone should "Go Green", don't you?

Submitted by IGVADAMN
Every kitty was kung fu fighting

Submitted by cooltigerr1
Fluff You and the dog you came in with...

Submitted by PRNZCHRMING
Some fool spilled his Mohito on me

Submitted by BMEUP2PLZ
Well, that's my lime gone... What a CATastrophe!

Submitted by Flaaffy180
I am your leader. You will not feed me dry food anymore. Resistance is futile.

Submitted by dswilborn
The lady at the store said it made look like cleopatra....

Submitted by shorty65613
If she asks you, "Honey do you like my new hairdo?..". LIE like wall-to-wall carpeting!!!

Submitted by IB247
NOT a happy kitty.... I'm HISSED!!!

Submitted by CRABBYDAD
You should see what my owner looks like!

Submitted by
Feline or Felime????

Submitted by
I'm not that other individual with a melon rind, he's obviously a copycat..

Submitted by IMPAUDITOR2
As the remake of 'Cats" the musical goes underway, costume designers decide to change the outfits, to give it tat "modern feel".

Submitted by crazyking
"What?? He's was the cheapest actor I could find! Fine, We'll just have to cancel Star Wars 7"

Submitted by cwjakesteel
Earth to Kitty. Come in, Kitty.

Submitted by calvinoTX
You put the lime in the coco...wait...You're doing it wrong!

Submitted by wcuservo
I thought this was quite "a-peeling".

Submitted by hootman
Okay... Who brought the kitten version of Dora the Explorer to the Halloween Party?

Submitted by E-man
Super Kitty to the rescue - super citrus-ee smell destroys ALL of my enemies.... the dirty rats!

Submitted by acornalice

Submitted by Wolverine115
I knew there was something weird with the esscence of lime shampoo...

Submitted by
when i spray their pillows tonight we will see if this is still funny...he who laughts last

Submitted by june12
"No, Whiskers, the cast of "Cats" are humans in cat costumes, not cats in costume."

Submitted by plain_jane

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