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I'll 'Flashdance' your @$$, wait right there ...

Submitted by BMUZUPNOW
There WILL be a line of Tequila shots waiting for me after this - RIGHT?

Submitted by NYTETIMER2
If they think this is for fun, its not. I HAVE FLEAS!!!!!

Submitted by shadowhewerehog
1 Bourbon 1 Scotch 1 Beer ------------ 1 Blitzed Kitty.

Submitted by GIVITUPYO
At least I have the next 8 lives free to get you back.

Submitted by Logic
Quick! Take the Picture Already!

Submitted by StuckOnline
When tony refused to give secret ingredients of his famous frosted flakes, They sent this picture of his wife.

Submitted by Jason2684

Submitted by amjs123
Just keep swimming just keep swimming...dang i have to sneeze agh

Submitted by Evei
Wet dream my furry behind!

Submitted by IB247
Cat fish.

Submitted by kennyireland
Tequila makes my fur fall off.

Submitted by NYG7154
What's a cat gotta do to get a drink aroun' here?!?

Submitted by undacuvagurl
We tried our best to find a sealion. Honestly, this was the best we could do...

Submitted by wettwilly10
"This isn't going to end up online, is it?"

Submitted by Star_Girl
Take a vacation they said. You'll have fun they said.

Submitted by minakodeb
What? Everybody thinks the polar bear is cute when HE does this.

Submitted by pyrocipher17
Presenting...the Tiger Shark!

Submitted by kadams
Pope Francis' inclusive baptism policy is taken to extremes.

Submitted by spyridon89
wow that lisnterine mouth wash add wasnt kidding......

Submitted by bekka_bubz
A TigerShark!

Submitted by RivGSs
I can't believe my hair for my old yearbook pictures, ick!!!

Submitted by computerjk22
Jump in the water they said... It'll be fun they said...

Submitted by livirox8
"There goes my ninth life..."

Submitted by plain_jane
This does not taste like Jello!!

Submitted by JamFish
I'd rather NOT do the doggy paddle!! GRRR

Submitted by hemporess72
This tiger is either losing oxygen, really angry, or both.

Submitted by woodrock96
I am a tiger shark!

Submitted by kmrutledge
Wally fell for the old "hey, there's some fresh seafood just on the other side of that hill" gag for the third and final time.

Submitted by JimShorts
The tiger is in a team of synchronized swimmers. He just ate the coach for lunch half an hour ago and is currently having a stomach cramp.

Submitted by thatcutekid
This is what I'D do for a Klondike bar.

Submitted by rlc327
just keep swimming ,just keep swimming ,JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

Submitted by Shaw3C
"Real quick, check my teeth! Do I have any food stuck in them? She's over there...hurry!"

Submitted by LScott969
If my tatoo is smudged, fur WILL fly!!!

Submitted by TOONGIRL
Gagh ... I don't care WHO let's the dog out, JUST DO IT!!!

Submitted by BMEUP2PLZ
Ok, my 10 minutes is over. Give me my 20 dollars and let me out of here.

Submitted by glowtmickey

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