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Braingle's Online Multiplayer Chess Ladder

This is a multiplayer chess game. You and your opponent do not need to be online at the same time because moves are made over the course of several weeks. Earn points by winning games and climb the ladder! Do you have what it takes to become the chess champ?

This chess ladder allows you to challenge any of the hundreds of active players. Each game is worth a varying amount of points based on the rankings of the two players. A game may last from a few days to a few weeks depending on how many moves each player makes per day.

Only registered users of Braingle are allowed to play this game. Registration is totally free and very quick. If you are not a user of Braingle yet, please register. If you already have a Braingle account, simply sign up for chess and start playing.

Sample Game Screens:

Game Board

This is a scaled down version of what the game board looks like. Braingle is smart enough to know all the rules of chess, so you dont have to worry about the other player cheating on you. We know that sometimes its difficult to remember your last move, so this screen shows the last move made by each player. Also, the game page will have a place to make private notes about your strategy and a place to have a conversation with your opponent.


We have a fully working ladder system with the ability to challenge those above or below you in the rankings. The ladder shows the current score of each player as well as stats such as the number of wins, loses and their current streak. The ladder also shows which players have moved up or down in the ranks since yesterday.

Personal Stats

This is the page where you do all your challenging and where you can access all your games. You can see all the games you are currently playing as well as who's turn it is and other pertinent information. All open challenges are displayed as well as a historical list of every game you've played so far.

Users in Chat : Cereal_Killer 

Online Now: 12 users and 668 guests

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