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Welcome to Braingle's Trivia section! We have over 5,000 fun and interesting quizzes on a wide variety of topics. Are you an expert on something? If so, why not create your own quiz for other people to test their knowledge?

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Discover interesting facts and take random quizzes on a variety of topics.

Photo Identification Game
Photo Identification Quiz

We will show you a picture with only a small piece revealed. Can you identify the object in the photo?

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Can you identify the artist who made each of these artistic masterpieces?

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Celebrity Quiz

Try to identify the famous people in these obscured photos.

Daily Trivia Quiz

Mythological Creatures and Legendary Beasts

*** *

How much do you know about the creatures of mythology and legend?

Sample Questions

1. What creature of legend has the beard of a goat, the tail of a lion, cloven hooves, and a single horn protruding from its head?

2. What creature has the head of an eagle and the body of a lion? With sharp talons and feathered wings, this creature of legend is said to be quite powerful and majestic.

3. When a griffin mates with a mare, what do you get?

4. What mythical creature ignites into flames at the end of its life only to be reborn again from the ashes it leaves behind?

5. This creature is half human and half horse.

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