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Colour Your World - Geography Edition

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Many geographic locations, such as Green Bay, Wisconsin, contain colours as part of their name. How many of these places do you know?

Sample Questions

1. The capital city of which Canadian province or territory contains a colour and a utensil in its name?

2. The name of the capital of the US state known for Mardi Gras contains the French word for what colour?

3. Though college sports fans are probably most familiar with the city in Ohio, the states of Florida, New York, Kentucky, and Missouri all have cities called Bowling ______.

4. Also the name of a popular casino card game, the city of ______ _____ is located in the state of Missouri.

5. With a population density of considerably less than 1 person per square kilometre, one of the world's largest islands is also one of its most sparsely populated. What colour appears in this island's name?

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