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Mario's Games!

This is the first installment of a series of quizzes based on nearly every game Mario was in. This quiz is about "Mario Bros.", "Super Mario Bros.", "Super Mario Bros. 2" (UK/US edition), and "Super Mario Land".


Quiz ID:#16988
Fun:** (2.04)
Difficulty:*** (2.29)
Category:Entertainment > Video Games
Created By:RampaginRoboAgb*****!




#1   In what year was "Mario Bros." first released?

#2   How many pipes are on-screen in Phase 1 in "Mario Bros."?

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#3   Koopa-like enemies have frequent appearances in "Mario Bros.", but what are their actual names?

#4   "Mario Bros." appears in the two-player mode of "Super Mario Bros. 3", "Super Mario Advance", and "Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time".

#5   In which of these games did Phase 1 of "Mario Bros." appear as a stage?

#6   In what year was "Super Mario Bros." first released?

#7   In seven of the castle levels of "Super Mario Bros.", hitting Bowser with fireballs reveals a different enemy (e.g. a Goomba).

#8   It's possible to collect a Starman power-up from an item block.

#9   After completing "Super Mario Bros.", there's an opportunity to replay the game but with a few changes to make the game harder. One of the effects below doesn't occur - which one?

#10   In what level do the Hammer Bros. make their first appearance?

#11   In what year was the UK/US version of "Super Mario Bros. 2" released?

#12   "Super Mario Bros. 2" was the first appearance of Shy Guy, Bob-ombs, and Pink Birdo.

#13   Who were the four playable characters in "Super Mario Bros. 2"?

#14   World 2 is set in a desert.

#15   The "Super Mario Advance" remake used the name Peach, not Princess Toadstool.

#16   In what year was "Super Mario Land" released?

#17   "Super Mario Land" doesn't take place in the Mushroom Kingdom.

#18   The enemies' names were similar to the Japanese names.

#19   In the bonus stages (reached by walking through the top exits at the end of each level) in "Super Mario Land", which of the bonuses below cannot be won?

#20   Who is captured in "Super Mario Land"?





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