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Movie Rentals

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Puzzle ID:#23203
Fun:*** (2.73)
Difficulty:*** (2.45)
Submitted By:kellgo*us****
Corrected By:Gizzer




Five people walk into a video store: three girls - Veronica, Sydney and Nina - and two boys - Sean & Nicholas. Each person will select a movie and a snack and go home to watch their chosen selection with someone they love. It's your job, as an employee of the video store, to know who selects which movie, snack, and with whom they will watch their movie, which is also the person/people that accompanied them to the movie store. Yes, you're a nosy employee but that's your job.

The movie store was bustling with happy people all in search of the perfect movie:

Nina was running around the store searching for the new release she really wanted to see. When her Dad finally found the cartoon she squealed with joy.

The squeal got the attention of Nicholas who was internally squealing when he found the movie he was looking for in the suspense section.

A helpful girlfriend of one of the guys held onto the movie Leo's Life while he got his snack, that wasn't chocolate or buttered.

Veronica had just had a fight with her boyfriend and it was her sister's idea for Veronica and her to get a comedy to try and help cheer her up.

Veronica rolled her eyes, in jealousy, at the girl and her boyfriend who planned to watch the thriller movie, "Where Are You?"

The person who rented "Purple Grass" got huge buttered popcorn - enough to share with her two movie buddies.

Second in line to get regular popcorn were the people who rented the movie Onion Run.

Having just eaten dinner, the brothers decided not to get popcorn, the chocolate M&M's, or nachos.

Sean walked by the suspense movie poster "Yesterday" while munching on his nachos.

Everyone went home and enjoyed their snacks and their movies.

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