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Mime and Mime Again

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Puzzle ID:#36613
Fun:*** (2.69)
Difficulty:*** (2.18)
Submitted By:camrae27Aus****
Corrected By:teen_wiz




I have always loved pantomime and whenever a show comes to town, I'm there! Over the past month, I have attended five different mime performances in five different theaters (one was the Palace). I also purchased a T-shirt, each of a different size, to give to my family. From the info provided, determine the theater, the mime group, as well as the size of shirt and for whom it was intended.

1. I bought an extra-small T-shirt at the performance by Pin Drop (who didn't perform at the Strand Theater). The T-shirt I bought at the Century Theater is exactly one size smaller than the one I bought at the Mime Time show.

2. The Eimac Theater is neither the theater where I saw Quiet Please nor the location where I bought a T-shirt for my niece.

3. The medium T-shirt isn't the one I bought for my cousin (which I didn't get at the Strand Theater), it is the one I bought for my son. The shirt I bought at the Strand Theater is exactly one size smaller than the one I bought at the Quiet Please show.

4. The large shirt (which I bought for my nephew) isn't the one I purchased at the Wind Walkers performance. The extra-large shirt isn't the one I bought at the Clancy Theater for my daughter.

5. The T-shirt I bought at the Silent Knight performance is larger than the one I bought at the Eimac Theater (which is neither the shirt I purchased for my cousin nor the one I got for my son).

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